Necessary Items You Need to Put in Your Handbag

Handbags and handbag holder function primarily as accessories, to enhance the total appearance of a woman and to help her achieve her desired look but these accessories really do have very important functions such as to carry necessary items that a woman might need when she is out of her home.  Depending on the kind of handbag she prefers, it is always meant to let her carry items that are necessary in her everyday business.  There are several items though that we need in emergencies and which we sometimes fail to carry in our handbags and here are some of them.

Anti-Bacterial Sanitary Hand Gel

Even though its effectiveness in eliminating the threat of disease by bacterial contamination is being questioned, carrying a bottle of sanitary hand gel can help ease your mind with the thought of having something to cleanse your hands with even with the absence of water and soap.   Alcohol based sanitary gel can help avoid the cold and flu virus.

Nail Clippers

Unexpected things happen and in order to keep yourself from getting caught off guard, carrying a nail clipper in your handbag is very helpful when your nail suddenly becomes broken.  Just choose a nail clipper that is small and handy.

Small Sewing Kit

Carrying a small sewing kit in your handbag will not overcrowd it since it only composes of some thread, a needle and a thimble so it will take up only a small part of your handbag.  This is convenient since you will never know when a tear might appear on your outfit or when a button might get loose.

Ten Dollar Bill

In this age, most stores and merchants accept payment in the form of credit or debit cards so a lot of people don’t see the need to carry along some cash when they go out.  But there still some establishments that only accept cash payment so if you don’t carry any and you want to buy something from the store, you will not be able to make the purchase.  Put the bill in a small pocket inside your handbag and just forget about it, I am sure time will come when you will need it.

These items are usually for emergency needs but in order to have a hassle free day out in the world, carrying them in your handbag can make a big difference.  Besides they are usually small items and will not take up a lot of space.

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Choosing Handbag Styles for Every Occasion

Every occasion needs the appropriate outfit and accessories.  Whether you are preparing for a day with friends or the usual 8 hours to spend at the office, wearing the right dress and matching it with the perfect accessories can make the day as comfortable for you as it is for those that have the privilege of seeing you at your best.  Her are some types of handbags and the occasions when you can carry them as well as the perfect handbag hanger for you.

1. If you want to express a style that is businesslike, then you should carry the tote handbag.  It allows you to comfortably carry a lot of stuff that you need to bring home from the office.  It has many sections and comes with zippers on them in different styles and colors.  It helps you carry things with ease and comfort.

2. If you are a woman who is concerned about how you look and carry yourself around, the clutch handbag is right for you.  It is small and is meant to be carried by the hand and you can put your makeup and other beauty items in it.  It is perfect for the girl who doesn’t want to look awkward by carrying a large bag. Check out cool designs of purse hooks for clutch bag too.

3. The satchel handbag for the student who needs to carry a lot of books and other stuff around the campus the whole day.  Its strap allows you to have both hands free to carry other items and at the same time evenly distributes the weight of what you are carrying.  It can even become a showcase of your talent by letting you decorate it with accessories.

4. For the woman who likes to travel, the duffel bag is the bag that you must take with you.  Its wheels allow you to carry it with ease and it has a lot of room for all the things that you have to carry with you on your travel.  You can even have them in designer labels at a higher price.

5. The hobo handbag is a crescent shaped bag that is designed for those who love to look very feminine.  It has to be carried with a light load and must not be filled with too much stuff.

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Handbag Styles That Never Go Out of Fashion

There are many fashion accessories for women and on top of every woman’s list is the handbag and handbag hanger. It is the most functional of all the accessories meant for women’s use. They are very useful in carrying personal items that women need whenever they are out with their peers or acquaintances. The contents of their handbags vary; a woman’s handbag might contain a phone, keys, cards, licenses, toiletries, cash, etc. Shopping for handbags are always fun experiences for most women and a woman must own at least 3 handbags in different styles to match her outfit and the occasion or function that she is attending. Listed below are the 3 top handbag styles for women.

1. Tote Handbag
If you have a lot of items to carry, then a tote handbag is the handbag to use. It is a large purse or handbag with 2 or more compartments with zippers. It is made of different materials, canvas, cloth, leather, nylon and a lot more. It can carry more items compared to other smaller handbags and have many designs and styles. You can also choose from printed or plain colored tote handbags to match your outfit or wardrobe. These handbags are more functional and are preferred by most women over smaller purses. Don’t forget to complement your Tote Handbag with stylish purse hook.

2. Clutch Handbag
Clutch handbags on the other hand are small handbags or purses, usually rectangular in shape. They are made without handles and are meant to be carried in the hand. Since they are small, they can carry only a small number of items in them. This is just fine since clutch handbags are designed to be used only during formal functions and during affairs that take place in the evenings. Women would only need their makeup and other little necessities during this time. Clutch handbags are made of different materials but most are chic and very elegant in style.

3. Satchel Handbag
A satchel handbag is made of leather or cloth and has a strap that is worn across the body. It can carry more items and is used by most students to carry their books and other school stuff. It is also preferred by most working women to carry office stuff and other items that they usually carry around. It is very comfortable to use and can be used any time of the day.

Now that you know this list of top three handbag styles, you should begin investing in them now if you want to have glamor and fabulous style. Make sure as well to take good care of any handbag style that you choose, such as using handbag hook hangers to keep them in place wherever you go. Using such hooks will keep your handbag from falling off and destruction. With proper care and handling of your handbag, it will last longer than you would have imagined. 

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Seven Top Fashion Accessories for Glamorous Women

Women have always wanted to look their best whenever they go out and meet people. They go out of their way to look presentable and well groomed. Fashion accessories are necessary items for women to achieve the look that they want. These items provide them with a way to enhance the way they look, such as a glamorous purse hanger. Below are seven of the top fashion accessories for women that should provide you with an idea on how to look your best.

1.Bangle bracelet
This accessory has been used by women for years now and has proven itself to be a very essential accessory that every woman must have. It comes in silver, gold, wood, plastic, or clay and can be used in combination with other accessories.

A nice pair of boots can go well with jeans and t-shirt or with leggings. It can also be worn with a skirt and it comes in several different styles, either knee high or ankle high. Whether the look you want to achieve is casual or chic, a pair of boots could really make a difference.

3.Cocktail rings
These fashionable accessories are very popular these days. These rings can be worn in any occasion and you can buy several in different colors to match every outfit since they are not very expensive.

4.Head band and bobby pins

A head band is a good hair piece to own. Whether you have a long or short hair, you can always wear a head band. In hairstyling, bobby pins are indispensable. They help create hairstyles to match every mood and occasion.

5. Handbag
Most women cannot go out without carrying a handbag or purse. It is essential to them because they carry their makeup, keys, credit cards, money and all that they need inside their handbags. Some carry small handbags while others prefer larger ones. Still the reason for carrying a handbag is the same, to have something to hold items that a woman might need wherever she may go.

6.Handbag hook
Every woman who carries a handbag should also carry a handbag hook with her. This is a very important accessory that can help in providing a woman an easy way to hang her handbag when she goes out to eat at restaurants.

This very fashionable accessory has many uses and can be worn on the head as bandanna or the waist as belt. It comes in many different colors in a variety of fabric and is an accessory that every woman must have.

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